Skyharvest leverages the most advanced agri-drone technology to enable farmers to increase their profits, work more efficiently, and foster a healthy and sustainable environment. By offering unmanned aerial vehicles to farmers in all parts of the globe, we can help cultivate crops with fewer inputs of time and money. These agricultural drones have already benefited many farms.

We are dedicated to utilizing drone technology to revolutionize farming. Our aim is to provide farmers with a powerful tool that can help improve yields and reduce their expenses through fertilizing, seeding, mapping and surveying. Our drones capture data about crops, enabling farmers to optimize their irrigation, fertilizing and pest control efforts. We are passionate about using technology to make positive impacts in the farming community and believe that agricultural drones represent the future of this profession.


To elevate farming through precision fertilizing and spreading whilst always putting the customer’s needs first.


To be the leading agricultural drone specialist in Africa.

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